Extract from reishi mushrooms

Reduction of biological age

The result of 50 years of research

Extract from

four types of

Reishi mushroom

Golden Reishi is a unique invention in the field of beauty and health, which gives energy, restores your body, strengthens the immune system.
48 sachet of 2 tablets

As a result of 50 years of clinical research at Fudan University in Shanghai, Japanese professor Mori-san managed to create a unique extract from four types of reishi, which has a powerful healing effect.
 Scientific research under the direction of Professor Mori-san have shown that different types of Reishi influence the human body in different ways. Only four types of these mushrooms were selected to produce the unique Golden Reishi extract.
Масао Мори - создатель Голден Рейши

Has an astringent taste. It works best on the circulatory system, improves heart function, stimulates the brain and boosts your memory.
Is sweet in taste. It has a beneficial effect on the human body under adverse weather conditions such as temperature or pressure changes. It also reduces the consequences of overeating, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods.
Has a bitter-salty taste. It stimulates kidney and urethra function and generally improves the functioning of internal organs. Also it well affects constipation.
Is very spicy. It improves the state of the body in case of coughing, sore throats and various lung diseases.
As a result of numerous trials and careaful research, the sceintists managed to balance the amount of extract of each of these four reishi in one tablet in such a way that they complement and enhance each other's action. The extract obtained from four types of reishi is given the name Golden Reishi® (Golden Reishi).
The production process is long and time consuming. However thanks to such sophisticated technology and attention to details, we can have a unique product that helps to maintain health and prolong life.


  • Increase in regenerative power of the body after illnesses
    Including COVID-19, and after surgery
  • Disappearance or significant reduction of the syndrome of fatigue
  • Increase in endurance
    The body recovers much faster after exercise. This is mainly noted by sports people
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood
    Golden Reishi is recommended for use in case of depression symptoms
  • Cleansing blood vessels and better blood circulation
  • Normalization of blood pressure and disappearance of a number of cardiovascular problems
    Such as cold hand syndrome
  • Lowering the level of blood sugar
  • Weakening or disappearance of allergic reactions
  • Enhancing memory and attention
    Carefully analyzing your condition you will see that the «head works better»
  • Optimization of the digestive tract
    «Gastritis» manifestations become weaker. It becomes much easier to limit yourself in food. Accordingly, a reasonable approach stabilizes or even decreases your weight
  • Decrease in the need for alcohol
  • Weakening of almost all the chronic illness you have
    They are gradually «fading into the shadows». You get really healthy and forget about the doctors
  • Uniqueness
    Golden Reishi extract contains 4 types of Reishi mushrooms. In total, there are six of them in nature, but 4 were selected for the extract - this is a black, yellow, red and white reishi mushroom. It is this composition that is not accidental, because each of these mushrooms has its own strengths in composition and it is the symbiosis of these substances that gives the maximum effect when taken.

    The method of growing raw materials and extraction - allow you to get the maximum amount of nutrients from reishi mushrooms.
  • Golden Reishi is recognized by the international community of gerontologists as a means to restore biological age and to prevent dementia (acquired weakening of mental activity).
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